We strongly advise that you insure your pet against veterinary expenses incurred thorough illness or accident. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you will never have to compromise on veterinary treatment for your pet.

Your pet is a valuable member of your family and as such deserves the best care and attention available. Insurance can provide peace of mind in a wide range of unfortunate situations and although it does not save you from the trauma of an accident it does reduce any financial concerns that may arise. A road traffic accident for example can require intensive care treatment for the initial shock, followed by orthopaedic surgery under a general anaesthetic and extensive treatment during the recovery period. This can incur quite considerable expense.

Many policies provide cover for some of the following:

  • Veterinary treatment costs. All policies provide cover for treatment costs as a result of illness or injury. Usually a policy involves an excess of a certain amount, which will vary between different companies and policies.
  • Transportation costs to another practice if your pet is referred for further treatment.
  • Loss from illness, disease or accident.
  • Boarding kennel or cattery fees. If you are made homeless under certain circumstances then a claim may be made for a certain amount of the boarding costs for your pet.
  • Recovery expenses. A certain amount may be paid for expenses such as advertising and/or for rewards incurred in an effort to recover your pet if it is lost.
  • Loss by stealing or straying.
  • Third party claims. This applies only to dogs and covers any claim made against you by a third party for injury or damage to the third party or their property.
  • Legal costs involved in defending a third party claim.

Please note:
Insurance does not cover for routine vaccinations, preventative treatments such as flea treatments or worming, spaying or castration operations or for any pre-existing condition. It may not cover for any treatment required during whelping or kittening.
There also may be an increase in the premiums for an older animal, usually over eight years old.

We cannot recommend one company over another but we can give you contact details for some of the major companies offering per insurance. Please make sure you read all the ‘small print’ and make sure the policy suits your particular needs. Contact the surgery for further information.


British Veterinary Association: The benefits of pet insurance

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