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A Permanent Move To Another Country - Non EU Countries

All countries have varied requirements that must be complied with before they will allow the entry of a pet dog or cat. In order to find out the exact requirements for your chosen country please contact the Small Animal Export department at the DEFRA office at Carlisle: DEFRA, Hadrian House, Wavell Drive, Carlisle, Tel 01228 591999

The DEFRA office will be able to send you an export application form and details of the requirements of your chosen country. On the application form you will need to fill in the name of your local veterinary inspector. Please fill in the name and Cockermouth address of the practice at the top of this page.

Pet Travel Scheme - Rules from 1st January 2012

This is the more common form of export procedure which allows you to travel to certain other countries and return to the UK without putting your pet in quarantine. At the moment most European Countries and certain listed non EU contries such as USA, Australia and Japan are included in the scheme. New countries are being added all the time and an up-to-date list can be found on the web sites listed below.

Qualifying for the scheme involves-

  • Implantation of a microchip in order to permanently identify your pet.
  • Vaccination with a Rabies vaccine.
  • Issuing of a passport for your pet. This can be done at the same time as the rabies vaccine administration, however, you are unable to leave the UK until 21 days after your initial vaccination.
  • All the procedures above can be carried out during a routine consultation at the surgery and will only involve some mild discomfort at most to your pet.

The passport is normally valid for 2-3 years until your booster Rabies Vaccination is due.  This date is clearly marked on your passport.

Providing you obtain the booster vaccination within the required time period your passport will remain valid.

Returning to the UK with your Pet Passports - Previously both tick and tapeworm treatment were required to be given between 24 and 48 hours before returning to the UK.  From 1st January the tick treatment is no longer a requirement for the PETS travel scheme but we STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO THIS ANYWAY.  Tapeworm treatment is still required between 1 to 5 days before returning to the UK.  Always check the PETS helpline before travelling.

Bringing a pet to the UK from a Non EU listed country (eg China, South Africa) - From 1st January 2012 these pets must be microchipped and rabies vaccinated followed by a blood test at least 30 days later.  They can then return to the UK following a 3 month waiting period and suitable tick treament at the correct time.

If you have any queries about the PETS scheme or any aspect of traveling abroad with your pet please contact Mrs C Welford at Millcroft Veterinary Group on 01900 826666.

Useful contacts:

PETS Helpline 0870 241 1710 (Mon – Fri 8.30am-5pm)

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