Sarah McGuire, Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Sarah came to Millcroft in 2000 originally working on reception. She did her nurse training through the practice and qualified in 2010.







Letitia Cummings, Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Letitia gained her nursing qualification in 2011 and joined the nursing team in 2011. She works at both the Cockermouth and Workington surgeries.





Claire Dent, Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Claire joined Millcroft in 2006 working initially in our Pet shop,"Pets Central". She moved across to the vet side in 2007 and is currently doing her Vet nurse training. Claire is based mainly at our Workington surgery.





Alisha Rae, Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Alisha qualified as a Vet Nurse in 2011 and  started work for Millcroft in that same year at the Cockermouth surgery.






Gina Goldwater, Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Gina got her Vet Nurse qualification in 1997 and joined the nurse team at Workington in 2006.





Mark Bowman, Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Marked has worked for Millcroft since 2006 and qualifed as a Veterinary Nurse in 2010. Mark is based mainly at the Workington surgery.





Lesley-Ann Johnston, Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Lesley-Ann has been with the practice since 1993, originally with Croft Vet Group. She got her Vet Nurse qualification in 2005 and works mainly at the Workington surgery.







Rachel Hewson, Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Rachel has been with Millcroft since 2004. She qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2002 and works mainly at our Cockermouth surgery.





Emma Whalley, Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Emma qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2010 and joined Millcroft in 2012. Emma is based mainly at the Cockermouth surgery.





Nichola Rae, Qualified Veterinary Nurse, Team leader

Nichola came to Millcroft in 2002 and did her training with us, qualifying in 2005. Nichola now heads up the nursing team at Cockermouth.






Dawn McKeating, Qualified Veterinary Nurse, Team Leader

Dawn has been with the practice since 1992 when she worked for the Croft Vet Group. Dawn did her nurse training through the practice and qualified in 2003. She now heads the nurse team at our Workington surgery.





Angela Richardson, Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Angela got her nursing qualification in 1995 and started work for the Millcroft team in Workington in 2005.





Hannah Story, Qualified Veternary Nurse

Hannah began her training with us in September 2013 and qualified in 2016 is based at our Cockermouth surgery.





Rachael Evans, Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Rachael joined the Millcroft Team shortly after qualifying in 2016. She is based at our Cockermouth surgery.





Rosie Heap, Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Rosie qualified in 2015 and has joined the nursing team at our Cockermouth surgery.





Rachel Dunning, Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Rachel is a student nurse and began her training at Millcroft in 2016.






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