Mandy Jackson, Receptionist

Mandy has worked with the practice since 1991 (originally with the Millfields Vet Centre) and works as part of the reception team at Cockermouth.





Suzanne Moffat, Reception Team Leader

Suzanne leads the reception team at Cockermouth and has been with the practice since 2007.






Jill Pennington, Receptionist

Jill joined the Cockermouth reception team in 2011 after working at Ronnie Gilberts vet practice and kennels in Keswick.





Mandy Richardson, Receptionist

Mandy has been with Millcroft since April 2011 but had worked for Ronnie Gilbert in Keswick for 20 years before that. Mandy is one of the Keswick reception team.





Linda Grave, Receptionist

Linda  worked with Ronnie Gilbert in Keswick for 5 years before joining the Millcroft team in April 2011.




Tina Sedgwick

Tina is one of the Egremont team, helping husband John.






Lauren McMillan

Lauren originally worked at our Cockermouth surgery and now works in the Egremont surgery.




 Vanessa Long

Vanessa is one of the receptionists at Cockermouth and joined the practice in June 2014.





Becky Armstrong

Becky works on reception at our Maryport surgery and often helps out at our pet shop -Pets Central





Katie Small

Katie has been on the reception team at cockermouth since 2015





Lucy Ruggles

Lucy joined the Cockermouth recepton team in 2017.





Anne Cook

Anne works on the reception team at our cockermouth surgery. She came to Millcroft in 2017.

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